Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tag Link How Can I Link My Windows Live Id To My Xbox Live Gamer Tag?

How can i link my windows live id to my xbox live gamer tag? - tag link

I tried to download a map for Halo 3 and said that my gamertag should be linked to, but idk how.


Daily said...

Your Windows Live automatically to their gamertag, if the user ID and password the same as the e-mail address and password when you registered on the Xbox Live ID, after having carried out during the initial setup of your account You can use the Xbox Live Web site. Otherwise, you can help on this issue to Xbox Live or Windows Messenger.

b m said...

a new gamertag magnifying glass to an email request to your Windows live naturally and be maintained e-mail to a Windows Live and you'll automatically if you have the password for runs

Tommy said...

Windows Live Search to find Google or Yahoo ID, and I'm sure if you youget to your website, you can manage from there.

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