Thursday, January 21, 2010

Middle Eastern Spices Anyone In Southern California Know Of A Place To Get Middle Eastern Spices?

Anyone in Southern California know of a place to get Middle Eastern Spices? - middle eastern spices

I'm looking specifically for the so-called "7 spices", or something that is used in Lebanese / Middle Eastern cuisine?


Armenian B said...

In the Los Angeles area, there are tons of shops in the communities Armenian, Arabic and Persian. You should switch to one of them and ask them what they want or tell them, and they do not say what it or they have or they have.

TX2step said...

Did you try to market Trader Joe's or Henry? You can even order for you to .... In addition, most grocery stores (Albertson's, Ralph's and Stater) are filling out a form to request a topic, and they call you when I in. ..

smdiner said...

Market Rose, or one of the markets on Westwood Blvd byt Santa Monica Blvd (CA 90024, CA 90025)
Some are not written in English to the

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