Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Running Exercise Tips Does Anybody Know Some Tips For Running Backs & Wide Receivers And Also Some Physical Exercises?

Does anybody know some tips for running backs & wide receivers and also some physical exercises? - running exercise tips

We are HB and GH and we can find some tips or exercises that I wanted to know if you have any.


Rahim said...

Only thing I can think of is wind sprints.

Chizzan said...

Rulers have leg squats, lunges, and any break will excerises good plymoetric.

Run for WRS, the needs of its all a reciver on speed, strength and upper body, move on and next to the lock jams

Rockpaq said...

WOW! Do you really think this is the place to ask? I mean, recruit football coaches have all come here and say what you should do. I ask myself: How are the buses here? Kid, ask your trainer or coach. My God.

nurse moe said...

Squats for HB thats all I can think of

=) said...

to throw the ball to spend one WR and a change of pace for some time on the tape would help!
helped me a lot, but I was a quarterback so ... yes

Larry G said...

You see, what has Jerry Rice in the low season for all his big year in SF He built a system that held it when the game for about 15 years.

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