Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Play Galway Girl On Piano Does Anyone Know Much About Irish Country Music?

Does anyone know much about Irish Country Music? - how to play galway girl on piano

Can someone from southern Ireland, or someone who knows the scene to help me please? I live in Belfast and not the kind of optimism of the country which is playing music in bars or places of here!

I need the names of singers and groups of bands know, I'm very interested in the guys singing Galway Girl on Magners ad here! I am not sure that your ad in Bulmers ASWEL! Most people say that their Steve Earle, but I'm not a different version of the survey!

Also could someone please tell me if the names of live bands / singers who work in pubs.

Thank you to everyone who can help you!


Anonymous said...

Steve Earle sings girl from Galway, with accompanying Sharron Shannon. But the Bulmers Magners / AD Munday

Podge and Rodge Tribute Band said...

Steve Earle wrote the song. Mundy, "" taken from him.

We are big fans of Country and Western OUL us. We would like to TR Dallas, Big Tom and the Mainliners, Ray Lynam and the Highlanders, Susan McCann and Philomena Begley.
The mere mention of Sandy Kelly Rodge conducted rash ....

XxEllexX said...

"Christy Moore"
"The Pogues"
"The Dubliners"

A little more modern try to identify
"The "...... Blizzards amazing opportunity indie band from Ireland
"Bell X1"
"Damien Rice"

Oh, and U2 ..... because they're just cool!

Christin... said...

Steve Earle wrote the song years ago, then Mundy and Sharon Shannon recorded a live version, which made the popular song. You have a new version of Steve Earle.

booboo said...

Mundy singing Galway Girl

SarahJ said...

Mundy Galway Girl sings HES Offaly! :)

Haven said...

Galway Girl "is sung by a band llamada''Mundy''y available on iTunes:)

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