Friday, November 27, 2009

Internet How Do You Feel About Internet Or Cable Based Classes While Attending A Traditional University?

How do you feel about internet or cable based classes while attending a traditional university? - internet

I prepare my class for the coming semester, which could take two of my 5 classes on the Internet. Therefore, a colleague had to visit for the test. This is very convenient because parking is a chore, and I work full time for fall for anything is annoying.

The courses are also offered as a traditional conference, with evening classes for working with my schedule, but it takes time, would park, etc. This will go try to be sure, while the Internet could do s anytime.

What are your experiences / ideas with a remote Internet or classes? It seems a lot more work, the case should read all that, rather than the inclusion of reading material.

PS I am a very good student, I have a 3.8 and in the second half of the foot to a 3.5 this semester. So not only would fly outside the classroom, the Internet or in other ways.

Thank you for your thoughts

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