Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bladder Infections More Condition_symptoms Are Certain Types Of Condoms More Likely To Cause A Bladder Infection?

Are certain types of condoms more likely to cause a bladder infection? - bladder infections more condition_symptoms

My girlfriend makes three in the last month and a half - were all pretty mild, but it is disappointed, of course. Since we have reduced the frequency of our relationship (which are a fairly new pair, so it was intense enough) and has not previously had. But after sex, I'm paranoid that they repeatedly infection (who have always shown) on the next morning. I use the Trojan brand condoms with spermicide - Is there a link between infections of the bladder and the type of condom I use? " There is more vitamin C and drink a lot, but I do still worry. I want to enjoy sex as often as we want, and without his paranoia about another infection.


MS said...

I have never heard a condom, which empty into a bladder infection, but if I have a bladder infection my doctor told me to forget, your bladder before sex. Good luck.

Chrystal said...

You probably are allergic to latex. I did not even contracted a bladder infection, but got an infection from it. My friend and I had to lambskin condoms are used for monogamous couples excellent. The sheepskin is not latex, so you have an infection, but can not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Another option if you stop all together would Condoms spelling one diaghram (?) Or cervical want is not 100% effective, but with condoms lambskin.

Holly C said...

Cystitis who are unhappy. I'm sure it's because you have sex a lot. If you have sex, bacteria and germs grow in the urethra of women. I've heard that removing bath 10 minutes after sex to all out. What is Vitamin C? I went to the doctor and he gave me 1 tablet as clarified in the day. Best wishes!

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