Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chronic Kidney Failure More Condition_symptoms Can I Have Another Child After Being Diagnosed With Chronic Kidney Disease?

Can I have another child after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease? - chronic kidney failure more condition_symptoms

I am 22 years old and has two children and I were just diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease was. My husband and I want another child on the way, but can not find any information on this topic. I of course, ask my nephrologist when I see it coming, but I was thinking about some answers from here.

Thanks in advance!

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That DIFFERENT Teacher said...

Chronic renal failure is likely to require drugs - is not it? You need to know whether a drug that promotes pregnancy. If you do not want to wait until I can talk to a doctor, try asking a pharmacist 24 hours and ask your pharmacist.

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