Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bilingual Wedding Program Spanish What Should My Wedding Programs Look Like?

What should my wedding programs look like? - bilingual wedding program spanish

I am a Hispanic girl, and my friend is half white and half spanish. More than half of his family did not speak Spanish, said during more than half of my family, a word of English! We decided that our wedding should be bilingual. I am of Mexican descent, and many rituals we practice in our celebration of Catholic marriage, outside of a regular Catholic wedding ceremony. In addition, a reading in English, while others are in Spanish. To make things less confusing for our clients and families, we want to include English and Spanish translations of all the readings and rituals of our wedding programs. We discuss whether we are two different programs, one in English and Spanish, or if we have a bilingual program, or if it is to contain the trouble to give readings and explanations of the rituals in general. NEED HELP thank you! In advance for the answers!

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