Saturday, February 6, 2010

Throat Blisters Pictures Throat Blisters?

Throat blisters? - throat blisters pictures

My best friend has blisters in his throat and both his mother (my mother) cool and I are very worried. I saw some other issues, and I found the idea of what they are due. Some say that stress, some say that the neck pain some say (Oral herpes can not be, he is heterosexual), some say the opposite. In fact, everything that I tell them their views on the causes blisters ask, ' "he said. There is no wrong answer, I will accept (no matter) how ridiculous and as is, or is reasonably likely, I will make a proposal to make with your help. I thank you all.


Jodee C. said...

Well, first oral sex may still be the answer, even if it is true, women can also transmit herpes cuz. Even if a child shows no signs of an epidemic, so that oral sex can still contract herpes. It was also characterized by strep? Thrush? These are the main things that can even be verified. Good luck and you're a good friend!

Rhonda W said...

My friend was a dentist, and he will diagnose the problem. Is that your friends smoke, chewing tobacco and snuff? The truth is that everything is revised to speculation about what might need to solve the problem, and it may well be nothing to fear.

snowwill... said...

What did the doctor and how long have you been? Sounds like they do on a throat culture. It could be anything, or sore throat.

sweetlad... said...

I expect a sore throat as a possibility.

H&GP W said...


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