Saturday, February 13, 2010

Symptom Of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease More Condition_symptoms Do I Have Lupus Or Lyme Disease?

Do I have Lupus or Lyme disease? - symptom of hand foot and mouth disease more condition_symptoms

I had many different symptoms in the last 2 years, doctors have dismissed as anxiety, stress, migraines, only I, a hypochondriac, grapes and much more.

okay i am 20 years and these are my symptoms so far:

throbbing pain in head
Bell's palsy in the past year
preasure in the head and behind the eyes
Facial spasms
Dry mouth
Hair Loss
Chest pain
Back pain
stiff neck
frequent urination
Abdominal pain
extremely unusual times
Bleeding between periods
dry eyes
Tingling in hands and feet
Involuntary movements of limbs
Eating is not in the throat
Panic attacks
Memory loss
Stone of salivary gland

I know theres more I just can not think of them.

Everyone, that these symptoms may be caused by an illness? And I think that someone take me seriously?

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Anonymous said...

No way to sift the collection of symptoms and reaching a diagnosis. All the symptoms of Lyme disease are on the list, but Lyme disease may be responsible for some of his symptoms. That is the dilemma that we see when we look at this list: There is no single condition that all the causes of these symptoms, many symptoms with dozens of possible causes, most of these symptoms often occur in people who are perfectly healthy, and experience a few symptoms in people with some psychological or psychiatric disorders. Things are even more difficult for doctors is likely to happen all the individual problems and that the combination of symptoms, not a big problem that does not really exist as a single problem related to add --Its much more likely to have minor problems with different causes.

If these symptoms can be divided into groups, things are connected, no one can help doc in the world. His fate is in your hands and who knows what I feel is best. Distinguish between symptoms that occur at the same time, things that never occur together, and the symptoms that occur at random. Try to find cases where it seems logical cause and effect. You need a little more than a detective.

They also recognized that doctors are likely to be taken seriously when they are diagnosed as a hypochondriac, or generalized anxiety disorder, you wereome psychological problem. The diagnosis of this kind does not mean that doctors believe that these problems are to imagine, to invent - it is known that some psychiatric or psychological problems that many of these health problems and issues, because really are. This is not the same as saying that the problems are in your head - I can say is that the best way to solve all problems is to start by eliminating the causes of psychological and psychiatric. Its ironic, but I had dismissed the medical diagnosis to think, because they think that they discharge their symptoms. Of course it is an endless loop going nowhere.

My opinion is not worth much, the morale of the doctors at a timed take the advice, even if only to refute them. You have nothing to lose (health-wise) with this issue, as if everything from an anxiety disorder or other diagnoses that have been rejected, causes.

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