Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drivers Licensing Center In Calgary Even Though In Pennsylvania A Drivers License Is "a Privilege And Not A Right"?

Even though in Pennsylvania a drivers license is "a privilege and not a right"? - drivers licensing center in calgary

Why do people who live in the middle of the licensed work must be so rude and ignorant?


mhchicet... said...

Probably because they think they are doing you a favor. If there is a right ... would be nice. Living in Philadelphia, I discovered that if I Bucks County to my DMV business ... are much more friendly. If I am to renew my license ... I go to my place of auto insurance. It would be nice to me, because it concluded in a business that will, if no one went to the DMV are ... is it anyway. His agents of the state ... will always have a job.

Blue Steel & Lace said...

To the same stupid people with the same stupid questions, and meet the same without the paperwork and the same lies and stupid excuses day after day after day.
And they have secure jobs in the government, so they get away with that people know who has something stupid.

karen s said...

Because they relate to a lot of rude and ignorant people all day ... sometimes for years. All my work has really shown me customer service, there are many Rude / stupid, ignorant and totally out there.

nysports... said...

I never had any problems. If this sounds boring or rude, you can do in a friendly manner so as not to increase. I have bad days at work, but I try to control my anger so that they go during the day. Go to New York and see how good they are.

I have a PA license.

merrybod... said...

Perhaps because they are forced to do justice to every day. They are the government and are here to help. Ha!

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