Monday, February 8, 2010

My Leather Couch Is Ripped Who Can Fix It I Have A Leather Couch That Is Ripping Near A Seam. Any Way To Fix?

I have a leather couch that is ripping near a seam. Any way to fix? - my leather couch is ripped who can fix it

The seams do not tear the leather at the seam.

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luvlaket... said...

A Stitch in time saves nine. This means that, before now, the RIP is even worse! You can repair in a professional or do it yourself let. If I had to do (and I have leather sofas) repaired on, I want to get to the seam to tear around easier. Discharge of the RIP with a solid piece of fabric behind the ability to keep together. You can own tail leather look, still will not put something behind the broken stick or sewing. Then again, the seam stitching. You have to have luck, the RIP, in the vicinity of a seam. It is easier to reach.

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