Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wrought Iron Dog Beds Are Woman Ever Happy God Damn It?

Are woman ever happy god damn it? - wrought iron dog beds

My only day today, but I'm at 5 clock, as I go every morning to the women to work, but it's okay, never mind. So, as I said, today is my day, made all the clothes to dinner ready when he returns home, where a full roast with all the bells and whistles here. destroyed the entire house. He left his stinking dog twice. Ironed uniforms tomorrow, has changed the bed linen. So take my A $ $ to get tired of their work. Once you enter the house, she is wrong, is not true, and should have done do. What do the FCUK'm evil. My mother always told me that was the best form of the heart, man, ladies who can cook and wash it clean, I began to think differently, and pierce through the chest with a fork.

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