Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trane Xr XR 90 Trane Furnace: Indicator Light Is Blinking 2 Times. Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means? ?

XR 90 Trane Furnace: Indicator light is blinking 2 times. Can anyone tell me what this means? ? - trane xr

The fan works but no heat. I checked the outside holes for the locks. It does not appear.

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Anonymous said...

The interior of the panel for the oven should not label the list of the hot medium. Although I do not know exactly what your means 2 lights blinking, probably indicates that there is a problem lighting the flame. I say this because you say the fan is running. Typically, a controller will seek the furnace, the burner seen 3 or more light, then enter a deadlock condition. If you are a lock, stop trying to ignite the flame and the fan runs continuously to ensure that, once again no accumulation of fuel in the burner zone. You can reset a deadlock condition by disabling power in the oven for about 30 seconds, then on again. The oven should then light. When the reset state does not lock the trick for you, you must have a qualified HVAC technician to come fix the problem. When Trane can call and talk directly with people to support and we can say that the light is wont to say. It is model number and serial number of the furnace.Trane has offices throughout the country to appear and can be the local telephone directory.

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